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Sci-fi/horror geek, super Star Wars nerd, horseback rider, fountain of useless information, artist, musician, gamer, skater, vegan, animal lover/activist, Pokémon Master, and comic book addict who posts excessively... Latte-sipping liberal/ginger with shitty eyesight. Music and art are huge parts of my life, and I absolutely couldn't live without them. I like cheese, shows about little people, and sarcasm. Good at quiz bowl, bad at people, and not quite sure whose idea it was to give me internet access. I amuse myself.

Based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

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 muthafucking snake(s) on this muthafucking plane
9 February 13
I have never needed anything as much as I need this shirt…

I have never needed anything as much as I need this shirt…

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